Chen Wei

Photo-Mr. CHEN Wei

Mr. CHEN Wei is the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Meat Association. He also serves as the Deputy Secretary General of the China National Slaughter and Processing Standardization Technical Committee, Deputy Director and Member of China National Technical Committee for Standardization of Meat, Poultry and Egg Products, Deputy Secretary-General of China National Animal Husbandry Standardization Technical Committee, Member of Working Committee for the Revision of China National Occupational Classification Code, Member of Industrial Cooperation Committee of RCEP, Member of the Steering Expert Committee of China National Meat Processing Industry Science and Technology Innovation Alliance, and Member of Jilin Province Ten Million of Beef Cattle Project Leadership Group Expert Committee. In 2020, he was awarded the Order of Chevalier for Achievements in Agriculture of the French Republic (Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole of République Française).

Mr. Chen has been working for China Meat Association since 2002, and has been serving as the Executive Vice President and Secretary General since 2013, presiding the overall work of China Meat Association. He is devoted to coordinating government relations, formulating development plans for the Chinese meat industry, setting relevant industry standards, and solving difficulties for member companies. He is also committed to strengthening cooperation between the Chinese meat industry and news media, relevant industry organizations, scientific research institutions, and universities. He leads the trainings for Chinese meat industry practitioners to improve the level of meat processing technology, and organizes the construction of digital platforms in the Chinese meat industry to promote information sharing and industry upgrading. He also puts effort in strengthening communication and cooperation with the International Meat Secretariat (IMS) and other foreign meat associations and organizations to promote international exchanges and collaboration.